Here's how to participate at "Ostuni Workshop"  discover how to increase your fame and distinguish your competitors

The workshop is open only to the first 50 participants and until September 15th

Ciao! We are Gianluca & Mary Adovasio ...

and we are husband and wife.  We share a passion for photography, and since 2001 we started our career in the field of wedding photography. We live in the south of Italy, in a small village near the sea and we have two cat named Katty and Holly. We love nature, animals and good food, we like to travel and learn about new places and new people.

In 2013 We created the first edition of Ostuni Workshop and helped over 200 photographers around the world to increase their fame and their work of photographers.

If you are also interested in increasing your fame, differentiating from your competitors and acquiring more customers worldwide, below I'll explain how to do it.

Are you determined to bring your wedding photographer job to a higher level?

Then you finally found the right solution to get the success you deserve from today. If you're interested in knowing how in this page I'll tell you everything

What results will you achieve by attending Ostuni Workshop?

Here's what you'll find:

  • The 8 common mistakes of photographers who want to work abroad
  • Because it is important to have a well-groomed online presence and how to get customers around the world in 2018
  • How to increase your reputation and image online in 2018
  • The 5 most important things to know about halving the work time of editing photos and having a more efficient workflow
  • How gain more inquiries and convert to bookings
  • How attract destination wedding clients
  • How price your packages to maximize profit
  • How grow your business in a saturated market
  • How did the most important wedding photographers in the world get fame and success? We will show you the precise strategies!
  • And much more...


First of all I really loved the workshop and-learned so much and ever so grateful to you two! Thank You. What a fantastic workshop but it is so much more than that! I-I learned a lot …
Explore who you are and what type of business I want to run, really look into all aspects of it. Look at getting inspiration outside the industry. Go on your path, be yourself. September trends know people follow me rather than the other way around.

Neda Lahrodi
Neda Lahrodi Storyett

La grande umiltà che si è creata nel gruppo, gli stimoli dei relatori e la grande quantità di informazioni che solo grazie a questo workshop sono riuscita a capire. Il mio obiettivo era il confronto con chi è un passo più avanti a me, ed è stato raggiunto al 100%. Capire come gli altri lavorano, come comunicano e come agiscano era nelle mie aspettative. La vera forza è stata la semplicità dei dialoghi e come i relatori si sono messi a “nudo” tranquillamente.

Carmela Capriati
Carmela Capriati Levelofotografia

Nessuna delusione, ho trovato la scelta degli speaker ottima, seppur diversi tra loro c’era una coerenza di pensiero. L’accoglienza è stata ottima, clima amichevole (importantissimo), location fantastica. Mi è piaciuta anche la lettura portfolio, molto utile.

Alessandra Casonato
Alessandra Casonato Photoart Casonato


2018 edition

Masseria Montenapoleone

Our headquarters

Masseria Montenapoleone built on a natural legacy, sits atop an ancient cave settlement, ensconced in the heart of centuries of olive plains, (the “Ulivi Secolari”), it is an ideal haven from which to admire the sea stretching across the horizon, and the green hills that frame this perfect picture. This is an ideal position to visit Puglia – Masseria Montenapoleone is in the heart of the region, about 50 km from Bari, surrounded by the Itria Valley, and is a perfect starting point in order to explore the Salento beaches.


During the workshop

Pre-shooting rundowns & Support

Daily schedule and timeline

Speakers and/or Event Designers of the Day will be providing a slide show inspiration board update concerning the concept of the styled shoot and the aspects of targeted editorial content. For further assistance please address our speakers directly and they will happily oblige. For a better chance to fully understand and gain insights on how to advance your skills, 3 photographer groups in rotation will be formed with one of our speakers as your allotted guide.

10.00 am _ check-in at Masseria Montenapoleone
01.00 pm _ lunch
03.00 pm _ welcome and workshop introduction
03.30 pm _ Sponsor Speaking
04.00 pm _ Gianluca Adovasio Keynote
05.15 pm _ food break
05.30 pm _ Taylor & Porter Keynote
06.45 pm _ Q&A session with Taylor & Porter
07.30 pm _ apéritif and dinner
09.30 pm _ around the bonfire with (Coming soon)

09.30 am _ Elisabetta Marzetti - Keynote
11.00 am _ espresso break
11.15 am _ Greg Finck - Keynote
01.30 pm _ lunch
03.00 pm _ shooting with Greg Finck, Taylor & Porter, Sotiris Tsakanikas
07.30 pm _ apéritif and dinner
09.30 pm _ around the bonfire with (Coming soon)

09.00 am _ 2Brides - Keynote
11.00 am _ espresso break
11.15 am _ Sotiris Tsakanikas - Keynote
01.30 pm _ lunch
03.00 pm _ shooting with Sotiris Tsakanikas, 2 Brides and Elisabetta Marzetti
07.30 pm _ apéritif and dinner
10.00 pm _ party around the bonfire

09.00 am _ Marco Schifa - Keynote
11.00 am _ espresso break
11.15 am _ Wedding Planner - Sharing
01.30 pm _ lunch
03.00 pm _ shooting with Sotiris Tsakanikas, 2 Brides and Gianluca Adovasio
07.30 pm _ apéritif and dinner
10.00 pm _ closing party DJ set


Eat and meet

How much does it cost to take part in Ostuni Workshop?

I want to give you some references: two day photography workshops cost over €400-500 on average. Other courses on Photoshop, Lightroom and other editing tools require an investment of over €800.

Did that say how much should you pay for the subscription to Ostuni Workshop?

I know that the value of Ostuni Workshop 2018 is very high because within it we’ve poured the best content and speaker to reach very high levels at the professional level, but it’s also true that I do a lot to help as many colleagues as possible in doing so in the simplest way because I understand the Difficulties having passed in person, so I decided to make available Ostuni Workshop 2018 in Early Bird at only: 1060,00€ 759,00€ (inc VAT) (save 301,00€). Early Bird Price is valid until May 15th, after this date the workshop price will return to € 1.060.00

Single Payment of

€ 759,00
Buy Now >>One off payment: 759€ (inc VAT)

3 Payments of

€ 253,00
Buy Now >>3 x monthly instalments: 253€/mo (inc VAT)

Now the bad news

Unfortunately, in order to meet the needs of all participants, I can only handle a limited number of requests. Once the seats are finished I will no longer be able to accept new registrations, no exceptions. There have a seat only for 50 participant (this number will be updated based on subscriptions). Once I’m done, as I’m sure it will happen soon after this page is published, I do not know if you will have other opportunities to join. So, if you are seriously interested in increasing your fame as a wedding photographer and strongly distinguishing yourself from your competitors, I suggest you sign up now. Also because we will close the registrations on September 15th.

Early Bird is valid only until May 15th.

After this date the ticket will cost: Workshop € 1,060 + Full accommodation € 740. In total € 1,800

Single Payment of

€ 759,00
Buy Now >>One off payment: 759€ (inc VAT)

3 Payments of

€ 253,00
Buy Now >>3 x monthly instalments: 253€/mo (inc VAT)

Where will we stay and eat?

Masseria Montenapoleone is the headquarter of the workshop. It offers a limited number of rooms, which will be guaranteed to the first participants who book their stay. Once Masseria Montenapoleone will be fully booked, there will be the opportunity to stay nearby at other B&B and Hotels partners. In order to meet the different needs, we provide the following accommodation options at Masseria Montenapoleone during the Workshop:

Double room or Double room with twin beds: 740 € / per person (4 overnight stay, including breakfast, lunches, coffee breaks and dinners. Free Wifi).

To reserve your place in the Masseria Montenapoleone you need to make a deposit of € 220 now and a balance of € 520 upon your arrival in the Masseria on the morning of October 24thFor more information and reservations please contact directly Masseria Montenapoleone at:

Single Payment of

€ 759,00
Buy Now >>One off payment: 759€ (inc VAT)

3 Payments of

€ 253,00
Buy Now >>3 x monthly instalments: 253€/mo (inc VAT)

How to proceed?

1. Click the Paypal button and sign up for secure payment
2. Make the payment
3. Wait for payment confirmation
4. Wait for our welcome email with all the logistical information to book your room in Masseria Montenapoleone with a deposit of € 220.
5. You will pay the balance of your complete stay, € 520 directly upon your arrival in Masseria Montenapoleone.

Time to decide?

Think about it. Where are you going in a year? You will still be fighting against customers who are not targeting the level of services you offer or striving to solve this or that other problem ... Or am I finally enjoying the fame and success you deserve? We have already been busy with efforts and research in your place. This could be the occasion of your life, do not let it run away. You have absolutely nothing to lose thanks to the guarantee, and everything to earn. Just click on one of the buttons below and sign up. See you in Ostuni Workshop!

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of our services. If for reasonable reason you wish to discontinue using the services, we will promptly issue a refund.

Single Payment of

€ 759,00
Buy Now >>One off payment: 759€ (inc VAT)

3 Payments of

€ 253,00
Buy Now >>3 x monthly instalments: 253€/mo (inc VAT)