Gabe McClintock  what do i write here? what do i say? if you know me, you’ll know that i have a hard time talking about myself, so this entire page feels a little odd, strange and uncomfortable. well the most important thing i can share with you about me is that i am a dad to two little girls who drive me crazy, frustrate me, make me smile and laugh on a daily basis and they are my greatest adventure. everything i do is for them. i am fascinated with human connection and i have an obsession with travel. to see new places. to stand at the base of waterfalls and the edges of cliffs. to feel the heat of the sun and the cold damp fog on my skin. i have been extremely fortunate to combine my passion of photography with my love of travel and i am forever grateful to my amazing clients who put 110% of their trust in me. website
Paul Liebt Paula –Hi, we’re Berlin based wedding photographers Susann and Yannic. We have been in love with each other for over ten years, traveling life’s highways and byways together. We’re sharing joy, love, happiness and even sorrow, experiencing adventures, laughing and crying together. For us, photography is a kind of a diary that projects thoughts, feelings and longings out into the world. Imaginary words, caught in pictures, black and white and as grainy as poppy seeds on sugar icing. That’s how we found each other. That’s how we came to fall in love. Our photos have helped us learn more about each other than words could ever have done. For us, photography is still the most important means of expression there is. It’s photography that helps us to get in touch with other people. It opens doors and turns strangers into friends.The inspiration for all of this comes from all over that great big world out there. We love discovering new countries, different cultures and new people. Breathing in the air of another continent, our arms entwined. That’s what life means for us; that’s what makes us happy. website
Adrian Wood  A fine art wedding film photographer, born and raised in England, nowadays when not travelling overseas, I live with my loving wife Irma in Greece, by the beach and spend our time enjoying every moment watching our son Jason, grow and play with Brandy, our charming Beagle. My speciality is to use real film delivering more than just flattering skin tones, vibrant colours, truthful images, a soft timeless feel and luxury appeal but also the whole authentic labor intensive process of film photography, from start to finish makes you more appreciative and accurate about the memories you’re capturing and why. website
Nadia Meli – I’m a hugger and I love people who hug back. So brace yourself when we meet. I’m italian by passport, english by postcode and world citizen by heart. Although it is my not so secret dream to live in a cottage in Cornwall. My purpose in life is to make people feel loved and like they belong – and I use beauty to do that. Because I believe beauty is love made visible.I love to live a creative life and photography is my weapon of choice to do that. My style is very much guided by my vision and purpose: a sense of belonging. I strive to always create images that look effortless, free and easy.  In my spare time you can find me looking up cottages in Cornwall, traveling to anywhere really, (although I hate flying) and flicking through hamster photos on Pinterest. website
Brancoprata  Brancoprata is a Floral & Event Design and Photography Studio, specialized in weddings and events. With a cutting edge aesthetic, Brancoprata’s mission is to create distinctive, evocative and memorable events. André and Sofia, the photographer and creative director of Brancoprata, have been working together since 2004, they love natural light, incredible scenery and authentic, intentional design. They always feel inspired by their hometown Porto, where they currently live and work. website
Marko Marincovic – I am not a storyteller. My style isn’t documentary or artistic. It’s better described as honest and human. I believe in being true, vulnerable, and in connections with people. I also believe that talent is overestimated. Whats sets a great photographer apart from a good one is the ammount of work he puts in. I’m open, simple and constantly smiling guy with a beard. I love the sound of my yellow Telecaster, taste of sushi, Monty Python jokes and a feeling that an airplane take-off has. Pursuing a corporative career in the past left me with a set of marketing and communication skills that I use as an advantage in my photography business. When I am not taking photos, I enjoy traveling. I particularly enjoy doing both at the same time. How to get to that stage, among other things, is what I’d like to share with you in Ostuni. website 
Mark Pacura  I find it bit strange to write about myself, even if it’s only a few words – as most photographers I prefer my work to do the talking for me. My name is Mark, and I’m just a normal, down to earth guy with a camera. I’m married to my beautiful and amazing wife, who’s my biggest inspiration, my biggest critic and my biggest supporter. She makes me walk with my head in the clouds, but at the same time makes sure that I stand firmly on the ground. I love what I’m doing. Being a wedding photographer must be the most incredible and awarding profession in the world. Everyone loves a wedding, it’s such a special day full of amazing emotions. I bet the last wedding you went to was like this as well – laughs, tears of joy, family and friends from all over the world seeing each other for the first time in years. Just beautiful. So, imagine having the privilege to photograph days like this every week through with camera. It is the best job in the world. website
Gianluca & Mary Adovasio – Mary and I are husband and wife, we met in high school and since then we are always together. We share a passion for photography, and since 2001 we started our career in the field of wedding photography. We live in the south of Italy, in a small village near the sea and we have a cat named Katty. We love nature, animals and good food, we like to travel and learn about new places and new people. website
Alessio Albi – I am 30 years old and live in Perugia. My studies are beyond the artistic / photographic field; I have He studied it for five years at the University of Perugia Medical Biotechnology, then do a master’s degree and a career as a nutritionist. I started taking pictures in 2010, stimulated by the people around me, very active in ‘artistic environment. A friend, knowing my passion for design, advised me to try to approach photography. I bought my first SLR without much expectation. Within a few months the photography has carved out an important place in my life, up to become my main passion and in 2015 my work. website
Vicky Baumann – Hey, I’m Vicky, travelling and adventurous wedding-photographer based in Bonn, Germany. I fell in love with capturing emotions and personalities, with those kind of people who treat you like you were one of their best friends and who have that deep connection with you saying: „Do what you want, we trust you!“. I live and breathe for creating memories and I strongly believe, that more than perfection we need emotion! My photography is not perfect. It’s genuine and emotional, individual and raw. For me, every couple is different and inspiring. My goal is to capture their unique love in every single detail. website
Alberto Roig – Albert is one of the founders of the Spanish film lab “Carmencita”. Thanks to the team behind the lab and their hard work a lot of photographers felt in love with film again, and are able to obtain high quality results front their film shoots. Albert worked in the US for six months and after his return to Barcelona he met Miguel Varona, who owned a scanner, and just wanted to do something special. Carmencita was born. Since then, a lot of hard work has been made in every roll, but, as Albert says, all the difficulties worth it when we see how the quality of film photography has increased and how many people is now choosing film as a creative option. website
Ross Tanner  Ross Tanner specializes in brand communication, strategy online and business development. He is the founder and CEO of FloAgency and Flothemes. Based in LA and Europe, both FloAgency and Flothemes aim to build meaningful businesses by challenging the digital.  Passionate about interactive experiences Ross has worked with many of the media industry’s uprising names. Besides tackling creative projects days in and days out, Ross contributes to creative communities from mentoring and consulting a number of international small and mid size companies & start-ups improving their positioning, online conversion and growth models to delivering inspirational speeches at TEDx. website