An overjoyed husband and father, my artistic vein was forged from the moment when, as a child, I stumbled upon my father’s video library. From that vast VHS collection sprouted all kinds of 80’s cinema masterpieces, from Star Wars and E.T., all the way to The NeverEnding Story, Labyrinth, and The Goonies.

I would spend my free time (and the not-so-free time) getting lost in those incredible images, falling in love with those charismatic characters, with those vivid colors, with the fabulous scenography of every movie, without once even thinking that all of what I was witnessing was fiction, as I let myself get carried away by the beauty and fantasy of it all.

It was in that room, in front of that TV set, that my passion for the scenic arts was born, which has accompanied me since and has brought me, through the years in High School, to engage first in theatre and subsequently in journalism, as a critic. As years went by nothing grew greater than my desire to stir emotions.

My flash of inspiration struck me on the very day of my own Wedding, in 2012, when I was left dumbfounded yet thrilled from all the magic flowing from an event so unique in one’s life. It was on that very moment that my desire to narrate these tales was born, so that I may give back this enchantment which had me so very star-struck.

My free time is spent with my family, with my two wonderful women, whether it’s in front of a TV series, or whilst I’m strumming my guitar, watching football, and even whilst enjoying the technological thrills of a PlayStation console. An adamant lover of journeys, I stray to possess new experiences a every occasion. I love the woods and have a strong, pure, and true passion for Christmas. I guess you could say I’m an anomalous Nerd.